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Environmental and social engagement

I would like my appreciation and respect of nature and all living things to help and bear fruit for others.


For every piece of jewellery that I sell, I will support »fansfornature«, an environmental initiative founded by Helmut Huber. ↗

Fans for Nature kauft Insel auf Borneo

Good News - Also with all our donations Fansfornature could support the purchase of a riverine island on Borneo where the release of Orang Utans into the wild can be prepared in a safe way.

Together with Hannes Jaenicke and Helmut Huber Fans for Nature

Together with Helmut Huber, founder of Fans for Nature and Hannes Jaenicke, one of the most important supporters of Fans for Nature.

I know Helmut Huber personally and I am impressed by his untiring commitment, his wealth of ideas, his incorruptibility and toughness. His desire to protect and preserve nature and creation touches me. For this reason, I have decided to donate to »fansfornature« 1% to 5% of the sales price, depending on the value of the piece of jewellery.

This money will be used to support the »Meratus Orang-Utans« project.

The protected »Meratus« forest lies in the southern part of Borneo Island. The Meratus forest is one of the last connected forest areas in the lowland rain forests of southeastern Borneo. Between 1996 and 2005, 359 orangutans were successfully reintroduced to the wilderness, and they actually are reproducing. This alone gives great pleasure to all staff members and supporters of »fansfornature«.


The objective and concern of the project are to preserve and improve the forest's status as a protected wilderness area. The most urgent work is repairing the camp, improving the roads to the camp, monitoring the development of the animals in the Meratus forest, employing rangers, buying supply vehicles, building a helicopter pad and much more.

Why is this project so near to my heart?

Based on a lease, 2,500 acres of rain forest in the protected Meratus area are to be protected against destruction by deforestation. This will create protected space for the orangutans that have been reintroduced to the wilderness and it will also preserve the innumerable species living in the rain forest. The people who have been forced to the borders of the forest are being trained as well as integrated in the project to give them new sources of income.

More information about the Meratus project can be found on ↗. I will be glad to forward any personal inquiries to Mr Huber – or feel free to contact him directly under info(at)


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